Internet Client Access

  • User & Bureau Access

    Create and Manage accounts. Generate Site Reports. Unique Bureau Branding

  • Engineers & Technicians

    Turn sites on and off Test. Check live signal and activation history. Create, manage & complete work orders.

  • Operators

    View current and historical activations and update response notes. Sleep, Complete or Release Current Activations

Patriot Internet Client Access allows customers, technicians and Bureaus 24/7 to access and maintain their accounts

  • Anytime Anywhere ICA is available through any PC, tablet or web capable device
  • Review and Edit site details, schedules, Users, Zones and response lists. ICA Advanced Required.
  • Quick Call Users and Site numbers on your cellphone directly from the ICA details
  • Create Reports including Offline/Online reports, Signal Reports and Client Reports
  • Technician Access for putting zones on Test Mode and to modify and update work orders
  • Monitoring & Alarm Attendance functions allows operators to view the activation queue and perform basic alarm attendance operations

Account details Anytime Anywhere

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Provide End Users with advanced access to their accounts and details

  • View Signal History and Dispatch History of any accounts

  • View Activation History of one or all accounts

  • View and manage your details such as Users, user phone numbers and site details

  • View the Activation Response lists for different events

  • Arm and Disarm panels / open doors and control lights of compatible panels

  • Use Security Groups to determine what details each user has access to

Remote Technician Access

Technicians & Engineers can perform duties onsite without needing to contact the Monitoring Station

  • Access the ICA web portal through a cellphone, tablet or PC

  • View Signal History of any linked accounts

  • Place sites on and off test mode remotely

  • View, update and complete work orders

  • Add charges and sign off on work orders

  • Update Zone information and panel information

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Bureau Access

ICA for Bureaus

Bureaus and their Engineers can use the ICA web portal to manage their accounts

  • Bureau branding and customisation options

  • Create new accounts within specific ID ranges and with quick template options

  • Update and edit details of all client accounts

  • Associate Engineers with Bureaus

  • Generate reports including signal history, activations, open and close and client reports

  • Adjust response, instructions and schedules of accounts

Monitoring and Alarm Attendance

Operators can view the activations queue and respond to alarm events

  • View the Activations window and client accounts Activation History

  • Filter Activations by new, mine, sleeping or on hold or search a Ticket Number

  • Pick up and respond to alarm activations

  • View call lists and autodial or send emails to users directly from the call list

  • View Dispatch Jobsassociated with the Activation

  • Add Response Notes to current and completed activations and Sleep or Complete activations

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