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Startup, Upgrade or Migrate to Patriot

"Patriot's power, flexibility and ease of use of makes it the ideal solution for every CMS or ARC scenario."

Whether you’re planning a new central monitoring station, looking to improve your customer service by moving to Patriot software or expanding the range of customer options offered by an existing Patriot system, Patriot has something to offer your business.

  • World Class Software

    Patriot Software is used by stations across the globe, meeting the highest standards in the USA, UK and Australia.

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  • Compatible with all major hardware and brands

    Patriot is compatible with all major alarm formats and alarm receivers. Additional Modules cover a range of CCTV and IP brands and formats.

    Compatible alarm formats and panels
  • Windows & SQL Compatible

    Patriot uses a reliable SQL database and supports Windows based networks and systems.

    Hardware And System Requirements

Starting a new Station

Patriot’s scalability helps keep set up costs to a minimum. Initially a Patriot monitoring station can be set up on a low cost peer to peer network system using windows workstations. Patriot will even run on a single stand-alone computer.

As your business expands, Patriot can be migrated to more powerful server based platforms while retaining the same software and operational systems. Patriot will meet your expectations whether you are monitoring 500 or 500,000 alarm clients and whether you have one operator or thirty. In fact, with Patriot’s messaging modules, you can set up a fully automated monitoring station with no operators at all.

Patriot is compatible with the widest range of alarm receivers; you can use whichever receivers best match your monitoring requirements. Patriot alarm monitoring software has been used in CMSs and alarm receiving centres internationally for over fourteen years and is compatible with all popular alarm formats. Whether you will be monitoring new or existing alarm clients, Patriot will meet all your current and ongoing monitoring needs.

Patriot can be configured with a wide range of optional modules. You need only purchase the modules that are relevant to your business. You keep setup costs to a minimum while offering a range of profitable services to your customers.

You can grow your monitoring business with confidence knowing that you will never have to change your alarm monitoring software or procedures. The Patriot support team will assist you in setting up your monitoring station and will provide ongoing technical assistance helping you meet the needs of a challenging and changing industry.

Best of all, Patriot’s competitive initial and innovative and efficient design features will help make your new business profitable from day one.

Patriot is often used when there is a single guard who is not in front of the monitoring workstation all the time. Patriot is able to message a cellphone on priority alarm and the user can acknowledge the alarm and response otherwise the notification can fallback to the operator or escalate to another guard. This allows guards to receive and acknowledge activations while doing patrols.

With Patriot, you’ll no longer have to worry about keeping your monitoring business running on out of date operating systems, databases and hardware.

Unlike many other alarm monitoring software packages, from inception, Patriot was designed for Windows. Patriot is built around a carefully designed and optimised SQL database. This means that it can meet the demands of monitoring stations large and small. The flexibility of Patriot means that it will provide the same facilities as your present software but now you’ll be able to offer your customers exciting, new and profitable services. You will be able to keep your existing alarm receivers and cater for all alarm panel formats you have in use.

Patriot’s technical team offers data conversion from most competing alarm monitoring software packages. We can help you to configure Patriot to your requirements and to receive your customer data while continuing to monitor with your existing software. This will ensure that you have a smooth and trouble free transition to Patriot and make the power, flexibility and simplicity of this modern software package work for you from day one.

If you want cutting edge technology, a reliable proven system and strong support options then you should move to Patriot software.

Database Migration

Monitoring stations using alternative software will appreciate the reliability, features and ease of use that a move to Patriot will deliver. The Patriot technical team regularly assists customers in upgrading to Patriot and Data Conversion is an important aspect of this process.

Data from the packages below have been converted to Patriot:

  • ADSW
  • Guard Master
  • Bold
  • Microkey
  • Turbo Cams
  • SIS

If you are considering an upgrade, please email Patriot Support to discuss your requirements.

As a Patriot user, you’ll already appreciate the power, flexibility and simplicity of this leading alarm monitoring software package.

Patriot Lite, Professional and Enterprise each meet the requirements of different sectors of the alarm monitoring industry. As your business expands, Patriot upgrade options mean your monitoring software will keep pace with the your evolving requirements

Upgrading from Patriot Lite to Professional or from Patriot Professional to Enterprise could not be simpler – all that’s required is the application of a new registration key. The process is completed in seconds and all the features of the upgrade are immediately available for use. Similarly, the addition of optional modules is achieved quickly and easily; no reinstallations or database upgrades are required.

CCTV, IP monitoring, SMS Messaging, e-mail, internet client access and mapping are just some of the services you can add to your monitoring station. Patriot’s optional modules help you stay ahead of the opposition and can be added to your software in minutes.

Patriot is constantly being improved and extended. Many of these updates are available free of charge to registered Patriot users. Others such as version upgrades are also available free of charge to customers with Patriot 24/7 Support and Software Assurance plans.

A comparison of the features offered by Patriot Lite, Professional and Enterprise is available here. Optional modules details are here. Updates are effected quickly and easily and most modules may be evaluated free of charge for thirty days before purchasing.

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