Dispatch Modules

  • Dispatch Patrols

    Dispatch Patrols through PLINK, Web Dispatch, Patriot to Patriot dispatch or third party dispatch systems

  • Manage Dispatch

    Use Mapping Features, Patrol Groups, Postcodes and rankings to manage Patrols

  • Supervise Dispatch

    Dispatch Billing, Dispatch Reports and Dispatch management windows

Powerful Patrol Dispatch and Mangement Tools

Reduce response times, improve customer satisfaction and eliminate miscommunication with Patriot's powerful dispatching features

  • Improve the speed of getting your patrols to site with instant communication of job details to patrols
  • Provide accurate information instantly to Patrols. No miscommunication or having to radio or calls patrols multiple times
  • Quickly identify the closest Patrol with the Dispatch Map and Patrol Availablity features
  • Receive onsite and offsite times, notes and photos instantly from the patrol which are logged into the database for operator or client review

Patrol Dispatch

Dispatch Patrols using any of the 5 powerful dispatch systems

  • Web Dispatch Send an email to a Patrol and allow them to complete a dispatch job through a web interface

  • Plink Patrol APP
    Dispatch a job instantly to a patrol using the Plink Patrol APP

  • Patriot to Patriot Dispatch
    Send dispatch requests from a Patriot Monitoring Station to a Patriot Dispatch Center

  • Manual Dispatch
    Create a Dispatch request and enter in on site & off site times, docket numbers, charges and all details needed to be logged for billing and auditing

  • Third Party Dispatch
    Request Dispatch through third PArty integration with SACAD, WILSONS (WILSAR) and other third Party Dispatch services

Dispatch Mapping

Operators can utilise the Patrol Location map to quickly determine the closest available Plink Patrol Unit. Available patrols will be listed with a map showing the activation and the locations of GPS tracked Patrol Response units so the operator can quickly select the closest Patrol.

Supervisor Dispatch Window

Supervisors can view and manage Dispatch Jobs from the Dispatch window

  • View, filter and find dispatch and response patrol jobs with the Dispatch review window
  • Search for Jobs based on assignment, type, docket no, reference number and/or state
  • Supervisors can update details, descriptions, charges and on site / off site times
  • Live view shows supervisors the exact state and progress of all dispatch jobs with icons for fast visual verification

Patriot to Patriot Dispatch

Patriot to Patriot dispatch allows Patriot Monitoring stations to send dispatch requests to Patriot Dispatch centres for Patrol response and updated actions to be sent back as required

Patriot to Patriot dispatch allows Patriot Monitoring Stations and Patriot Patrol Dispatch centers to send and receive information between one another for a seamless dispatch experience. Job data is communicated instantly from the monitoring center to the Dispatch Center which can focus on getting Patrols to the site in the shortest time possible without losing accuracy of details sent. The automation features of Patriot to Patriot Dispatch will allow the Patrol Dispatch center to improve response times while making the entire operation easier for operators and patrols. Eliminating the need for manual communication will allow operators and Patrols to focus on providing an efficient and reliable service to the end users which will keep the customers happy and increase revenue.

  • Advanced, INSTANT COMMUNICATION of Jobs and Job details from Patriot monitoring Stations
  • Jobs are instantly received and placed into the Job management window ready for dispatch
  • Operator and patrol updates are instantly communicated back to the Patriot Monitoring Station
  • >Once completed the Monitoring Station will be notified the job has been finished
  • Customers can review the dispatch history through Patriot or the Internet Customer Access

Dispatch Photos

Photos can be taken of any important details at the site on the Plink phone APP which will be logged against the job back at the dispatch center.

  • Patrol Finding Photos provide an audit trail of Patrol activity for the Dispatch Center and the end User
  • Photos can be viewed instantly by operators at the station
  • Photos can be viewed by end users through their Internet Client Access if given permission

Web Dispatch

The Patriot Web Dispatch System allows your Dispatch Centre to send dispatch jobs to any Patrol with a web access device.

The requests are sent via email to the Patrol and transfer to the Patrol to the Patriot Job Dispatch webpage which logs all job data back to the dispatch center.

  • The Patrol can accept the job request or reject the job. If rejected the operator is notified and can then request response from another Patrol. The Patrol / Patrol company can also add in notes which will automatically be logged to the Job at the Dispatch Centre.

  • When a job has been accepted additional notes can be added and then the Job can be completed. When a job is completed by a Patrol the Operator at the Dispatch Centre is instantly notified

Plink APP Dispatch

PLINK Dispatch is a fully integrated Patriot Patrol solution that will streamline and enhance your Patrol dispatch service.

Instant communication of all the important information is sent to the Patrol and all response is immediately and accurately sent back into the Patriot system. The operator is updated immediately if further actioning is needed and all job details such as ETA, On Site / Off Site times, Job resolution and other details are logged for reporting and later review.

  • Send Dispatch Requests
    Unparralled communication of data, notes and response from the Patrol to the Patriot Station
  • Digital Run Sheets
    Patrols can login and load their individual run. If Patrols fall ill or are busy and need to share their run other Patrols can take over their jobs
  • Photo Management
    Photos taken by Patrols at the site are instantly stored in Patriot and are available to operators and customers through the internet client access
  • Wellfare Checks
    Keep Patrols safe with scheduled welfare checks and a duress system

Dispatch Billing

Patrol billing ensures accurate billing of Clients, Installers and Brueaus for dispatch jobs.

  • Master charges can be created for the response fees across the board.
  • A global default patrol charge is set-up in system settings and this will by default apply across the board on all Patrols that have no specific charge applied. The amount to be billed can be overridden on a particular site record, on a particular patrol or even for a particular customer ( Installer/Bureau )
  • The Patriot billing module comes with a powerful query-based API allowing for data to be extracted and automatically generated into custom CSV files in a generic format for import into a range of accounting packages
  • Dispatch charges are automatically applied when a Job is dispatched based on the Client, Type of Dispatch and the Patrol that has been dispatched. Charges can be pre-configured or can be manually added and adjusted as necessary.
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