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Lone Worker Modules

Patriot has a variety of Lone Worker Solutions to protect your customers and staff.

Monitoring the safety and well being of lone workers poses a very real problem for management and a great opportunity for your ARC to offer additional services.

By combining the flexibility of Patriot monitoring software with the features of the Telephony, Messaging and Mapping modules, you can add lone worker monitoring to the products offered to your customers.

  • Track and review GPS loaction
  • Receive alarm events such as Duress alarms
  • Receive voice messages or recordings

As well as logging the calls, Patriot can be configured to record them and to associate them with events in the signal logs. Messages can be quickly accessed and replayed at any time. Your operators will require minimum training to enable them to quickly and efficiently respond to lone worker emergencies.

Patriot Lone Worker software helps ensure the health and safety to assist employers to protect and care for their lone worker staff

Patriot has the following Lone Worker modules available.

  • Patriot Minder
  • Identicom
  • ARCAngel
Loneworker Mapping


Patriot Package: Patriot Professional or Enterprise

Patriot Minder

Patriot Minder is the Patriot smart phone lone worker solution that can be used by your security personnel, third party personnel, or the end user.

The Minder app is used in combination with a small, discreet, wireless button which will send panic and fall-down alerts back to your monitoring station 'hands-free' of the connected smart phone. The app also allows users to set up and use meeting monitoring, no-motion detection alerts and GPS location polling to trackthe lone worker on an interactive map.

  • Polling - Send regular polls to the monitoring at a user configurable frequency.
  • Location Tracking - Send GPS coordinates along with the regular polls
  • Red/Amber Alerts - Send a "Red Alert" signal when the connected alert button is pressed (for between two and ten seconds) or the "Red Alert" button is pressed from within the app.
  • Fall Down Alerts - Configure the app to automatically send a "Fall Down Alert" signal when a fall is detected by the connected alert button.
  • Hold Up Code - Send a "Hold Up Code Entered" signal when the user logs into the app with a user configurable Hold Up password.
  • Preset Meetings - Initiate a "meeting" where the user specifies a meeting time period and if the users doesn't end the meeting a "Preset Meeting Expired" alarm signal will generate in Patriot.

Other Requirements: Patriot Minder Module, Patriot Minder Phone App installed on a compatible cell phone


Compatible with the TL-206 & TK-206 devices.

The GoTOP devices are robust lone worker devices that will will send alarms to Patriot Stations. Simple to use and very reliable the GOTOP devices are a great way to protect staff and workers who are on the move or in remote locations.

Features: Alarm signals from the GOTOP devices are received and will generate Alarm Activations within Patriot: The GOTOP Device GPS Locations are received, stored and tracked using Patriot Mapping System: TL-206 Features:

  • SOS Emergency Button.
  • 200 Hours Standby Battery.
  • Offline waypoint storage of 1800 positions.

Other Requirements: GOTOP Module


Can be configured to be used with SoloProtect Identicom unit.

Identicom is simple to use, extremely effective and is always there for the worker. Designed to look and feel like a normal identity (ID) cardholder, it is always with the worker and within immediate reach.

Uses mobile phone technology but can be activated in a discreet fashion. Messages from the Identicom units are all dealt with automatically by Patriot. The unit can be configured to record and to associate messages with events in the signal logs. A voice connection can be set up between the lone worker and the Patriot operator so that emergency events can be handled interactively.

Other Requirements: GSM Modem Module, Telephony

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