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Enhanced Client Reminder Schedules

Create Client Reminders with schedules based on days, weeks, months or years.
Filter out certain days of the week.
Schedule a specific amount of reminder repeats.
+ more

Client Reminders

Meitrack Integration

Protect your personnel with a meitrack device.

Monitor and respond to events quickly with Patriot with Duress alarm monitoring, GPS tracking with mapping display and Listen In functions.

Patriot supports the following Meitrack Devices. Check the loneworker webpage for more information.


VEHICLE TRACKING: MVT100, MVT340, T355, MVT380, MVT800, MVT600, T1, T3, T333, TC68S, T322X & T311

Meitrack Integration

Surgard V Receiver - Video and Image verfication

Video and Image verfication events can now be sent to Patriot via the Surgard V alarm receiver with the Surgard V Video Verification Module. Operators can pick up the activation event and then will be shown the video or image verification in the standard video interface.

Equipment Tab Module

The Equipment Tab module allows stations to add in additional information about the devices and equipment at the site. The Equipment tab list details are also able to be viewed through the Web Portal ( ICA ) interface.

Web Dispatch

Advanced Web Dispatch features allows Patriot Stations to dispatch jobs to any Patrol or Patrol company using a web capable device. The Patrol can update accept or reject the job, log on-site and completion times and communicate details instantly and accurately back to the Patriot dispatch station. Create a full customised email to send out the Dispatch Request.

Customisable Text Message and Email Notifications

Create and send unique text message, email notifications and web dispatch notifications with Patriot customisable message templates.

  • Over 40+ optional fields that can be added into emails and text messages

  • Use HTML to add images, adjust font, hyperlinks and style to your email and Web Dispatch notifications

  • Use regex options and if / then statements to dynamically add in or filter out fields or data. This allows you to add in custom details if the notification is going to specific Bureau / Dealer customers such as custom logos or call back numbers.

  • Online documentation, examples and basic templates to start creating powerful custom notifications right away.

Easy Client level response setup and maintenance

Setting up response on a client and applying that response to many Action Plans is now more efficent and much easier. Create Client level Response Plans within the client Response tab including task only and messaging settings and select the Action Plans to apply the new Response Plan. Stations can override global Response Plans at a client Level.

Automatic Patrol Dispatch

Patriots new Automatic Patrol Dispatch features allow control rooms to operate as unmanned stations. Alarms and Patrol job requests are automatically sent from Patriot to one or more Patrol Response Units based on your stations event configuration. Jobs can be sent to Plink Patrol or Web Dispatch units and can be escalated through a Patrol response list.

Patrols receive the requests through the Plink Patrol APP and can acknowledge, update and complete the Patrol Job through the APP. No operator actions are required. This allows Universities, Schools, Zoos, Gated Communities and stations which are unmanned or unmanned during certain times to monitor and respond to events remotely.

Advanced Accounting Integration

Keep your billing accurate and ensure fast and reliable billing for your Users and Bureaus / Dealers with a Patriot Accounting Module

Patriots direct integration with Xero, MYOB, Microsoft Dynamics and ODOO provide instant and accurate communication of charges and billing details for easy invoicing from your accounting software.

ICA Login User Access Assignment Breakdown

You can now view a breakdown of the Users, Engineers or Operators assigned to Security Groups to make managing ICA access Logins and Security Group assignments easier.

Broadsoft ( Cisco ) Integration

Utilise autodial and call popping features with a Broadsoft compatible phone system. Broadsoft, a part of Cisco, has cloud services deployed by a huge range of leading telecommunication providers around the world. There is also a large range of compatible phone systems that can be provisioned to be used with the Broadsoft.

Echo ( UK ) Dispatch Module Integration

Dispatch quickly and eliminate human error with the Patriot Electronic Call Handling Operations, "ECHO", interface

  • Police Incident Number automatically logs into the Activation Response Notes

  • Specific handling for LW (Lone Worker) & VT (Vehicle Tracking) events

  • Operators are informed when requests are accepted or have failed to be picked up

Receive Dispatch requests through the Web Portal ( ICA )

Stations can now receive dispatch requests from Bureaus / Dealers and End Users through the ICA Manual Dispatch request feature. This allows manual dispatch requests to be instantly created by remote users and appear instantly for operator response. If end users select a preset client then the full client details including address and instructions are available during dispatch and for the Patrol while completing the job.

Dispatch Through ICA

Activation Window with Address Display

Operators can now view the client site addresses from the Activations screen. Being able to see a site address can make dispatching easy and help operators identify which store has alarmed if your station monitors chains of stores or clients with similar or the same names.

Address in the Activation Window

Intelihealth mPERS integration

Integrating safety home monitoring, telecare capabilities and GPS location tracking the Intelihealth devices provide protection for at risk workers, Lone workers and your loved one at home or out and about. The alarm and location details are sent directly to Patriot alarm monitoring stations and can also accessed by users and their caregivers via an online platform web portal if required.

  • Smart Care Alarm system for indoors and on-the-go - Signals sent to Patriot stations directly using a secure SIA DC09 protocol.

  • Enhanced location accuracy with GPS & Wi-Fi technologies - Locations show in the Patriot built in mapping system for quick operator response.

  • Remote & Local programming makes updating the units easy.

  • Large Help button with LED backlight. Fall detection built-in to specific models.

  • Emergency pendants and wrist transmitters are available with specific models.

Intelihalth mPERS Devices

SIA DC09 | Bosch Cloud - Visual Verification and Location Monitoring

Patriot 6.9 supports receiving signals from the Bosch Cloud service. Signals from the Bosch Cloud, and any other services, panels or communicators using the Patriot SIA DC09 task can now include visual verification and location data. The verification data will be displayed in the standard Patriot video verification interface and GPS locations are displayed in the Patriot mapping interface.

Bosch Cloud and SIA DC09 updated

Work Order & Test Mode Icon updates

Operators can instantly identify if there are pending work orders or active test modes in a client with a new updated icon system. These icons only show when appropriate and appear next to the relevant tabs on the clients menu. Test Modes can also be linked to work orders so when the work order is completed the associated test mode or test modes are automatically switched off. Work Orders can easily be created from the activation response window and can now instantly copy the full operator notes from the activation into the work order.

Work Order and Test Mode Icons

Dispatch Jobs directly from the Activations or Jobs window

Operators can now quickly dispatch jobs directly from the Activations / Jobs screen of Patriot. This makes it easy for operators to dispatch the correct patrol to the correct location with additional details improving response time and performance.

Dispatch Jobs directly from the Activations or Jobs window

Dispatch Module Required

Workorders can be Linked to Testmode

Workorders now have a testmode button where operators can view a list of testmodes associated with the workorder. Operators can also added testmodes and link them to the workorder from the same screen. Once the issue is resolved and operators complete a Work Order linked with test modes they will have a chance to remove the linked test modes instantly saving time and avoiding testmodes being left on after maintenance has been completed.

Link testmodes to workorders

Plink APP updated

  • Plink APP interface is even easier to use than before.

  • Welfare Checking has updated location tracking, location logging and welfare check settings.

  • Patrol Job window so Patrols have an overview of their Patrol run schedule and can manage job requests quickly and easily.

Patriot Plink APP Updated UI

Dispatch Location Map

Operators will be able to use the Dispatch Location Map to quickly find the closest available Response Unit. A list of available patrols will be listed along with a map showing the location of the activation and the locations of GPS tracked patrol response units. This will allow operator to quickly select the best patrol and action them to respond.

Dispatch Location Map

Dispatch Module Required

Add Accounts using ICA

Bureaus and Admin staff can now easily create new clients through the Internet Client Access portal. The ICA client creation tool allows the user to select the Port and a template to create the client from. You can also limit the Client Range for Bureaus so they are creating accounts only in their selected Client ID range.

Add Accounts using ICA

ICA Extended Logins required

Photo Support for Plink Patrols

Photos can be taken on the Plink APP by a patrol responding to a dispatch job. The photos will be logged against a job ticket back at the dispatch center. As well as showing instantly in the Response Notes of the activation for the operator the photos will be available for review in the Dispatch Job history. Bureaus and End Users can view the photos through their Internet Client Access portal if given permission.

Photos can provide critical evidence for auditing such as the Patrol checking the site, on site confirmation, any damage that has been caused or that the site was secure.

Plink Patrol APP Photos

Plink Patrol Response Logins required

Test Mode Linked to Work Orders

Link Test Modes to Work Orders to easily maintain and manage accounts that require technician assistance. Create and view test modes from the work orders screen in the client or the supervisors work orders window. Operators can quickly access the Work Order by clicking on the link in the test mode screen.

Testmodes Linked to Work Orders

Bria Phone integration

Bria phone integration allows Bria phone systems to be used from within the Patriot interface. The setup is very simple and Bria can utilise a workstations connected headphone set to allow the operator to make calls from Patriot UI. As well as Autodial functions from the Patriot UI the Bria Module will allow Call Popping. Call Popping will automatically find the account associated with the number that has rung into the Monitoring Station. No need for the operator to ask the caller for their account or user information which will improve customer service and operator performance.

Bria Phone integration

Dynamic Client State in the Action Window

The site status is now shown dynamically in the Activation window. This allows operators to instantly see the exact state of the site which will help them respond to activations and makes response more intuitive.

Dynamic Client State in the Action Window

Handover Messages

Operator handover messages allow operators to pass along important details to other staff members over different shifts. The Handover Messages window can be displayed when Patriot starts up so operators don't miss important messages.

Handover Messages

Choose your Startup Screen

Want to see the Activations Window as soon as you log into Patriot? No problem. You can now select the default startup window for your staff so they are presented with the most useful information they need to see as soon as they start their shift.

Choose your Startup Screen

Tiandy Camera Integration

The Tiandy Camera Module allows your monitoring station to receive and response to video events and view live feed from Tiandy camera systems. The Tiandy Camera Module supports Events from the DVR, Video Verification clips, live feed, Two way Audio and arm / disarm commands. This means that you can dual monitor Tiandy camera systems with alarm panels for advanced site monitoring and have the camera system arm & disarm at the same time the panel. The Tiandy camera module also supports local video recording with the Patriot Video Recording Module and Virtual Guard Tours. Two way audio allows you to communicate with personal on site and advise trespassers to leave before criminal acts occur.

Tiandy Camera Module Integration

Chiptech GO Personal Duress Device

The Patriot Chiptech Module allows monitoring of GO mPERS devices.

  • Contact ID reporting via CSV over cellular data (4 destination addresses, using a combination of static IP addresses and DNS).

  • GPS location tracking, Fall Detection & two way conversation available.

  • Telstra approved cellular module for AUS. AUS operates on either Telstra, Vodafone, or Optus. NZ operates on either Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees

  • Lithium-ion battery will run for approx 1-2 months with standard use before requiring a charge. GO’s battery will need to be charged after an emergency activation. Inductive wireless charger, USB cable and plug pack supplied.

  • Update details and perform firmware updates via SmartCare Cloud. Installer menu and setting options are available when placed on charger.

Chiptech GO Monitor and Response personal duress device

Web Dispatch | Manual Dispatch | Plink Dispatch

Web Dispatch is the latest way to Dispatch Patrols through Patriot. Jobs can be dispatched to any Patrol using a web capable device through the Web Dispatch system. The Patrol can update the job and can communicate details instantly and accurately back to the Dispatch Station. Onsite / Off Site times, Notes, Charges and Patrol Finding Notes are all logged for reporting and auditing purposes.

Web Dispatch Patrol Dispatch

Direct to Patriot monitoring for Hikvision Alarm Panels

Temporary and permanent client notes can now be edited by Bureaus and site managers through the Patriot Internet Client Access. Users must have security group permissions to be able to edit client notes.

Hikvision Alarm Monitoring

Edit Client Notes through Internet Client Access

Temporary and permanent client notes can now be edited by Bureaus and site managers through the Patriot Internet Client Access. Users must have security group permissions to be able to edit client notes.

ICA Client Notes

SCSI Duress Watch Integration

Monitor and Protect High Risk Workers

Receive duress alerts & GPS locations from SCSI Duress Watch devices allowing Patriot operators to protect & quickly respond to High Risk workers.

SCSI Duress Watch

SCSI Almond Integration

Almond devices can send alerts and additional media to Patriot with the System Technologies Module. Operators will receive events and can view media in the standard Patriot media interface to respond fast and effectively to alarm events.

SCSI Almond Devices

Manual Patrol Job Dispatch

Dispatch manual patrols or Plink Patrols from the same interface

The dispatch module now allows the dispatching and recording of manual patrol dispatch jobs. This allows operators to enter in on site / off site time, charges, notes and manage the dispatch Jobs. These are avialable to be viewed from the Dispatch window in Patriot and by the end user through ICA and Plink.

Manual Job Dispatch

Internet Client Access Updates

Allow your Bureaus and remote Users to add new clients through ICA anytime from anywhere

ICA add clients

A dispatch window is now available in ICA for reviewing Patrol dispatch jobs

ICA dispatch

Add Graphs to Reports

Add in bar charts and graphs to your reports to display data in an easy and informative way.

Report builder 3 in now supported.

Reports with Charts

Work Orders and Job Servicing

Create Work Orders For Technicians & Bureaus and allow techs to access and update them remotely. Administrators can view all the Work Orders in the Work Order Window, search and filter them and update them in needed.

Find more information on our Website Work Orders Page here

Work Order and Job Servicing

PACOM integration

Advanced Camera Integration with PACOM including Live Feed, Video Verification, PTZ Controls, Alarms, Audio, Camera Recording (With CR Module), Virtual Timed Guard Tours (With VGT Module)

AJAX Integration

Patriot can now receive signals from the AJAX alarm systems with the AJAX IP Module. Contact Patriot Sales for more details or to trial the AJAX IP Module.

AJAX Integration

Generate Test Signals in a Client

Send test signals from a directly within a Client. The Client ID and Area is automatically entered and you no longer need to go through the general signals window.

Test Signals from Client

ICA Schedule and Auto Status options updates

Internet Client Access users who have the security group rights are now able to edit and update schedules. The Auto Status options such as Late to Close and Open out Of Hours are also displayed.

ICA Schedule

New Client Note System - Multi Note Support

The Client Note system has been update and now allows for multiple temporary and permanent notes so you can manage the notes that your operators need and read.

New Client Notes

Port ID Selector Update

Setup Port IDs and select them easily. This helps operators and also Bureaus ensure the correct Port is selected.

Port ID Selector Update

Plink Patrol - Digital Run Sheets

Get rid of paper Run Sheets and streamline Patrol Jobs with Plink Patrols. Patrols have instant access to all the details they need included key, address, User and Job details. During a Job Patrols can create notes or Alerts for Operator action. Simple check lists of each jobs items and scan codes make each Job easy for the Patrol to follow through or can be quickly completed if the Patrol knows the job well. Jobs are automatically sorted adn orded based on their due by times and Plink Alerts notify the Patrol of their Jobs that need attention.

For more information check out the Plink Patrol page

Global Holiday Features

Global public holidays can be assigned to all clients who observe these holidays and can be updated globally for easy advancement of the holiday date each year. Clients can be set during the period of the holiday or have adjusted times. Client bulk update also allows for easy assignment of public holidays to groups of clients.

For more information on Global Holidays check out the Patriot Documentation Library contact the sales team at

Global Holidays


VANDERBILT FlexC has now been integrated into Patriot through the development of the Patriot FlexC IP Module. This allows direct communication from FlexC Panels such as Vanderbilt SPC IP and GPRS panels direct into Patriot. This includes polling functionality.

For more information on FlexC and other Patriot IP Modules contact the sales team at

Plink - Patrol app

Patriots Patrol app will allow you to dispatch jobs directly to the Patrol phone, receive instant updates and status changes and the results of the Patrol. The Patrol app also provides welfare checks and duress functions to keep your patrol safe and Patrol Site Check mode allowing patrols to scan NFC and QR codes.

For more information check out the Plink Patrol page

Plink Patrol app

Permaconn Arm / Disarm and Output Control through Patriot, ICA & Plink

Permaconn units can now be armed and disarmed from Patriot, ICA and Plink. Operators can arm and disarm panels form within the Patriot UI for end Users when requested and control ouputs to open doors etc. Bureaus, Users and Techs can use their ICA or Plink app to control their panel if given correct security rights.

Permaconn arm and disarm

Arm / Disarm and Output Control for SkyCommand & T4000 panels through Patriot, ICA & Plink

Innerrange and third party panels connected with a T4000 using SkyCommand can now be armed and disarmed from Patriot. Operators can arm and disarm panels form within the Patriot UI and end Users, Bureaus and Techs can use their ICA or Plink app to control their panel if given correct security rights.

T4000 Arm and Disarm

Standard Media Module for Emails with Camera Images

The Standard Camera Media Module allows Patriot to receive emails with a image as an attachment or with a link to a image. Patriot will create an event based on the 'EventType=' details of the email. The Operator will receive the image from the attachment or the link in the Patriot Camera Event View UI as with other camera events.

Standard Camera Media

SIA DC09 IP Module

SIA DC09 is a IP/GRPS alarm signal protocol that is used by different panels, communicators and services from around the world.

Remote Access provide security & smart home services throughout the world including Australia and New Zealand. As well as having great business solutions seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform — so they work together and work smarter.

For more information on check out the website link here: Website

Remote Access


The latest series of the Trikdis communicators allow the SIA DC09 format and are compatible with Paradox, DSC, GE Interlogix and Texecom alarm panels.

For more information on Trikdis communicators check out the website link here: Trikdis Communicators

Remote Access


Jablotron have been producing alarm systems for 25 years. They produce both smart systems for residental customer with easy to control innovative functions and alarm systems for commercial sites. IP enabled Jablotron panels can be selected to use the DC09 format to send signals directly to Patriot, no receiver required.

For more information Jablotron Panels check out the website link here: Jablrotron Website

The SIA DC09 IP module is a verstile solution for IP / GPRS monitoring because it is used by many manafactures of security hardware and services worldwide. If your station would like to trial the Patriot SIA DC09 module to test at your station or would like to know if has been tested with a specific panel then email Patriot Sales at

Click here for a full lists of Patriot IP Modules

Flexible Response Instructions

With the User Type Instructions, Action Plan Instructions and Instruction overrides you can tweak the messages the operators will see during response to meet the exact requirements of the Bureau, client and signal type of the event.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Customized Keyboard Shortcuts make access to common windows in Patriot quick and easy. Being able to customize this per workstation allows operators to use the set of keyboard shortcuts they find most useful.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Commissioned / Decommissioned button

Commissioned / Decommissioned buttons provide a quick way to turn a client online or offline and automate the dates for reporting and billing.

Commissioned / Decommissioned button

New Samsung Camera Integration

With the Samsung Camera Module your station will be able to monitor Samsung DVR units. This will allow live feed and review from the DVR as well as two way audio. Patriot will also be able to receive events from the camera system and show event clips with live feed in the CatchIT event view.

Samsung Integration
Patriot security alarm and camera partners

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

Patriot Videos


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