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Software Development Kits

The Patriot SDKs allow you to create integration to new hardware, apps for your clients to use and to bring video footage.

  • Camera Integration

  • Task Integration - Input and Output signalling

Technical Details

The SDK provides extensive documentation and sample plugins. There is also a test application provided so you can build plugins and test them without having to install a fully working copy of Patriot. The plugin and samples are developed in C#, and require a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio (Express version freely available).

Licensing Details

Patriot provides the SDK and test application free of charge to 3rd party developers. This allows you to create the plugins and do basic testing.

To use the plugins in Patriot the Camera Plugin module and or the Task Plugin module is required. There is a small charge made for the licensing of these modules.

We have tried to make the process of implementing these plugins as easy as possible. Patriot will provide a small level of assistance, but may decide to charge for assistance where a higher level is required.

Patriot 3rd Party Camera Integration Plugin SDK

The Camera Integration Plugin enables 3rd party software developers to plug in a camera interface. When a camera is to be viewed from Patriot, a request will be made through the Patriot camera interface. The 3rd party integration can then display any content required in the integrated camera window, or interface with any other external application.

Patriot 3rd Party Task Plugin SDK

The Plugin has several possible uses:

The Task SDK will enable third party software developers to integrate their own receivers and other signal receiving devices into Patriot via s will be logged to the Patriot database.

The task is able to insert clients into the database, type checking and data validation are performed on insert.

An assignable task can be created. The task can be assigned to various response plans, as per the standard Patriot email or SMS task. When a signal triggers this response plan the task will be notified and can respond accordingly, like send the event onto another piece of software in whatever customised format is required.

The task can also respond to operator initiated events during an activation. A button can be displayed on the Activation window, and when pressed, the task can perform whatever function is required.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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