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Hardware and Software Requirements

Patriot is suitable for deployment in any monitoring environment from the smallest to the very large central monitoring station.

SQL Server

Patriot uses industry standard Microsoft SQL Server. This ensures reliable and consistent database performance for the smallest to very largest Patriot systems.  Patriot is used with SQL 2005/2008/2012/2014/2016.

Note that Microsoft SQL Server is not included in the Patriot package pricing and should be sourced from a preferred Microsoft supplier.

Typical Hardware Specifications

Patriot Client computer – all Monitoring Stations

Patriot Server computers (no SQL installed) - all monitoring stations

Patriot Server computer - Less than 2000 Clients

Patriot Server Computer – Up to 10,000 Clients

SQL Server Stand Alone – Up to 100,00 Clients

SQL Server Stand Alone – Over 100,000 Clients

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