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Dealer (Bureau) Module

Streamline Dealer maintenance activities with the Dealer Module, provide your dealers with control over their customers and data & reduce operational costs for your monitoring station.

  • 24/7 Real-time access for Dealers and Installers.
  • Enables remote maintenance of customer details.
  • Enables complete control over which information dealers have access to.
  • All data stored in a central location - no duplication.
  • Uses industry standard thin client technology.

Dealers Access

Allow dealers (Brueaus) to log into the Dealer Patriot client anytime, anywhere to access their clients details, to update client details, create reports & create new accounts.

Supervisors can defined the features and options available for each Dealer (Bureau)

Dealer Overrides

If a dealer (Bureau) wants to charge their customers a different amount than the standard charge fees your station uses then dealer charge overrides allow you to set charges specific for one particular dealers customers.

You can also override Action Plans, Response Plans and Dispatch settings at a dealer level to proivde unique monitoring and response for each Dealer(Bureau)

Dealer Access

Engineers Access

Engineers linked to a dealer (Bureau) can access the dealers clients through the Patriot App or a web capable device and view the signal history of clients and turn them on and off test mode.

Dealer Access

Dealer Branding

Dealer branding will brand their clients in the Patriot UI with the Dealer logo and their callback number

Dealer Access

Client ID Ranges

Patriot supervisors can define Client ID ranges to each dealer so they are not taken by other accounts and when the dealer (Bureau) creates a new account it will be within their own Client Range.

Dealer Access

ARC or CMS management always retain full control over IDA dealer access and security.

Requirments: Patriot Professional or Patriot Enterprise & the IDA Module - Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 with Terminal Services, Windows Terminal Services CALs are also required.

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