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Advanced Alarm & Camera Monitoring Software

  • Patriot Systems develops, markets and supports state of the art Security Alarm Monitoring software. Patriot is the most advanced Central Station Software package available incorporating the latest software technologies to deliver an extensive and seamless alarm automation system that offers power, flexibility, reliability and ease of use. Patriot's development team responds rapidly to market requirements, providing a package that is both stable and evolving its feature set.

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6.7 Upgrade

Upgrade to Patriot 6.7 today and take advantage of new performance enhancements, features and integrations. Log a support case online or contact to upgrade today.

Why Patriot?

Patriot Additional Modules

Patriot has over 40 optional modules that add enhanced features and Value Added Services to take your station to the next level

  • Dealers / Bureaus and Engineers

    Free up your operators and reduce maintenance by allowing Dealers and Bureaus to add new clients and perform maintenance through a secure internet connection.

    Internet Dealer Access
  • Protect Lone Workers

    Protect your staff and lone workers by monitoring their GPS position and responding to any alert or duress signals. Patriot connects with Identicom, GoTOP and Patriot Minder.

    Lone Worker Devices
  • Dispatch and Patrols

    Automate systems by allowing Engineers to put sites on test & view signals & Guards to receive & acknowledge alarms with advanced Messaging Modules

    Messaging Modules
  • Site Managers and End Users

    Site Managers and Users can be sent notifications by Email, Text Message or to a App. The Users can respond to these notifictions and acknowledge events, fall events back to the station operator or extend late to close events.

    User Messaging Modules

Getting Started

Starting a Monitoring Station

  • Patriot Systems alarm montioring and response software can run on a Windows PC, connect with all major alarm receivers and is cost effective solution for start up station or small monitoring stations. With the flexible license system Patriot grows with your station allowing you to increase account limits and add additional modules to provide value added services to your users. Patriot Lite is used by resorts, gated communities, zoo's, government facilities, utility stations and many more small scale inhouse monitoring scenarios.

    • Start Up Alarm and Camera Monitoring Stations
    • Gated Communities , Universities and Zoos
    • Air Force / Military Bases & Government Facilities

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  • Starting a Station

Switching to Patriot

  • Switching to Patriot
  • The Patriot team can assist with coping over the data from your current monitoring package to Patriot allowing you station to switch over to Patriot while keeping all your customer details and other relevant data. Patriot has succesffuly upgraded many stations to Patriot and has development tools to migrate stations from ADSW, CAMS, SIMS, BOLD and many more packages.

    • Proven tools to migrate your data from your current software
    • Dual Monitor Patriot with your current software during the Migration
    • Utilize Patriot advanced modules to offer value added services to your customers

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